The “URMILOCHAN LIBRARY” a socio cultural organization was established in 2013 by some dignified personalities of Jagatsinghpur district to work under the jurisdiction of Jagatsinghpur District.

The registered office is located at-Bhatana, Po- Angeswarpara, Dist-Jagatsinghpur. It’s jurisdiction shall be in Jagatsinghpur district. Daily 100 above Readers coming to  our Library.

Library Room Well furnished A/c Rooms, 24/7 Electricity facility. Cold water system provided to our readers and local people 24/7. Five hundred above books variety available. Free coaching provided to school going poor children.


To arrange To finance through donation, voluntary contribution and monetary assistance given by trust and organization of inside and outside the country

To provide medical and educational facilities to the weaker section of the society.

To undertake relief measure for the distressed people affected Natural calamity or in other way.

To spread knowledge of good citizenship and working jointly with the state.

To Share of knowledge and support for the development of agriculture in rural area.

To cater Health, care and protection of aged, women and children.

To provide computer knowledge in the rural area.

To develop Women Empowerment.

To work for environment protection;

To develop capacity of local area to reduce the impact of disaster

To take positive measures against social evils like dowry system, drug addiction etc.


Any person irrespective of cast and creed, rich & poor and sex who have attend the age of 18 years and desirous of betterment of the society shall be entitled to be a member of organization with the prescribed application form of the organization. To develop the cultural and athletic activities amongst the rural people